Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fuhrman's Fast Black Bean Soup

I find myself slowing making my way through the Eat for Health  recipes.  This has been a humdinger year in the chronic pain department.  I wish I could fly through the book and cook all the recipes like Jana and Haze.  If you haven't seen their blog, check it out here.  The Jana/Dr. Joel Project Blogging Julie/Julia Style

In the meantime, here are my thoughts and pictures on Fuhrman's Fast Black Bean Soup.

                                Fast Black Bean Soup

Er , say what?  Fast?  Uh no, not so much.  Not unless you've got alot of experience in the kitchen or you're last name ends in Ray, as in Rachael Ray that is.  This recipe required alot of prep work and left me exhausted in the recliner.  However!  I am solution-oriented and have a back-up plan for next time because the time and energy it took was well worth it.

Here are the ingredients:

This part wasn't too hard.  Canned black beans, a can of prepared black bean soup, frozen mixed veggies, corn, tomato, celery, green onions, cilantro and avocado.  Plus, 1/4 cup of toasted raw pumpkin seeds to garnish on top.  (Not shown in picture)

The time consuming part was the homemade carrot juice.  I could not find it at Whole Foods or my HEB, although I did see it AFTER I made the recipe...GRRRR.   I first scrubbed and peeled almost 3 pounds of carrots and then pulled out my masticating juicer, which I was excited to use again since it's been such a long time. 

Ugh!  Then I remembered why.  I have come to the conclusion that masticating juicers, although better for extracting more enzymes and nutrients and great for wheatgrass and green veggies, are not the best choice for carrots.  Unless, you just have nothing else better to do. Here are the results.

All that work just to yield 2 cups of carrot juice!  And what to do with all that pulp?  Fortunately, I found several good recipes for carrot bread,  carrot muffins and the like, but in the end, I decided to throw the pulp in my BlendTech and turn it into juice for the next go round.  I know.  I should have just thrown the carrots in the Blendtech in the first place, but who would have thought a juicer wouldn't have done the best job? 

Here are my five bags of carrot juice ready to go in the freezer and be popped out at a moment's notice the next time Dr. Fuhrman calls for it.